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Fired brick
High refractoriness and corrosion resistance. Made from basic materials containing MgO, CaO, etc. burned in high temperature.
Widely used for iron and steel industry, nonferrous metals smelting, cement, glass and other industrial furnaces.
Magnesia brick
Application: Iron and Steel£¬Non-ferrous metal£¬Industrial furnaces£¬(Cement rotary kiln, Glass tank
Application: furnace, Lime kiln)
Characteristics: High refractoriness. High resistance to corrosion.
Magnesia bricks for BOF safety lining
High purity Magnesia bricks for cement rotary kiln
Magnesia bricks for glass kiln
Combined bricks for BOF (Magnesia bricks)
Combined bricks for Steel tapping--hole--(Magnesia bricks)
Magnesia bricks for tundish
Dolomite brick
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Magnesia-Chrome /Chrome-Magnesia brick
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Magnesia-Alumina-Spinel brick
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